Duct Work

Choosing the Right Duct

Duct work

Duct work systems are designed to properly move air throughout a home. Scrimping on duct work will result in poor performance of your HVAC system. Duct work that is not well designed or properly sealed will result in discomfort, high energy costs, bad air quality, and increased noise levels. Choosing the right-sized duct is critical to maintain proper air flow in the system.

Common problems with poorly designed duct work:

  • Hot and cold spots, drafts and stuffy air in your home.
  • Higher heating and cooling bills.
  • Dirt and dust covered surfaces.
  • Unbalanced air pressure that causes odors to linger, doors to close by themselves and noise.

Experiencing any of these issues with your duct work system or any other problems? Building a new project and need duct work? Give us a call at (410) 391-3070. We know duct work design and have years of experience configuring and installing it. Avoid common problems with duct work design such as under sizing, runs that are too long, sharp bends, air leaks, and lack of returns by employing a skilled and knowledgeable duct work design company, Contemporary Air Systems.

Did you know?

The best air conditioner or furnace will not work appropriately if the duct work is not designed properly. In other words, your hvac system is only as good as the duct work is designed and installed.

Adding a New Heating and/or Air Conditioning System with Duct Work?

Tech installing a new unit

Perhaps you’re replacing a boiler and radiators with a forced air furnace? Or maybe you’re renovating a home and adding more livable area that will need heating and cooling.

Whatever the case, if you’re adding duct work and new HVAC equipment, Contemporary Air Systems has the resources, experience and skills to get the job done! Rick Fravel, business owner and Maryland master HVAC license holder, knows duct work design and installation technique. He understands the complexity of installing duct work whether it’s in an attic or a crawl space. It’s a science that must be executed correctly or your new heating and air conditioning system will not work properly. Another factor to consider is equipment sizing. How big should the furnace, A/C or heat pump be? Meaning how many BTUHs or tons. If the heating system is a gas furnace how will it be vented? Will it vent out the side wall or roof with PVC (90% efficiency) or will it vent in an existing chimney. Is the existing chimney safe and sized correctly for use? Where will the condensate water drain to? How will the copper refrigeration line set run? Will it run on the interior of the home or the exterior? If on the exterior, is the home located in a community with an HOA that may oppose the line set appearance? Will the furnace fit in the attic, crawl space or closet? Does the electrical panel have enough power to power a new gas furnace, heat pump or air conditioner? Is noise an issue? Where will the thermostat be installed? These are all very important questions, addressed by Rick, prior to installing a new heating and air conditioning system. Since 1993, we have installed many new HVAC systems. We have learned what works and what doesn’t! When adding supply registers and returns to a home, we know how to cut sheetrock to limit dust (we have a fancy tool for that), we use drop cloths and our team will treat your home as if it were their own. For your peace of mind, with new heating and air conditioning installations, Rick is onsite ensuring your job is done perfectly. Our team will complete your job professionally and accurately with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are your home comfort specialists specializing in new HVAC system installations and offer low cost financing to fit any budget. Ready to replace the noisy, inefficient, dripping window air conditioner or boiler?

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