Heat Pump Replacement

Heat Pump Not Working?

You wake up early one morning and notice something is wrong with the temperature in your house. You check the thermostat, and while it’s set on the appropriate settings, the heat pump system is not running. After scheduling service, you get the bad news, your heat pump system is old, the compressor is broken and it’s time to replace the system. At Contemporary Air Systems we know when your heat pump fails, there isn’t time to debate on what needs to be done. On a cold bitter winter morning or humid and sweltering summer day, something needs to be done, fast! When your heat pump needs to be replaced, you can trust Contemporary Air Systems to guide you along the way with honest answers. The world of heat pumps is always changing. We’ll help you make decisions that will benefit you and your family and give you the best return on your investment. Call the company that cares not only about your comfort but also about your budget. Since 1993, Contemporary Air Systems has educated their customers about heat pump efficiencies, rebates, and heat pump operation.

Tech replacing a heat pump

Contact Us today to schedule a home comfort consultation for a new heat pump system. Our 30+ years of experience will ensure your questions are answered, options are provided and heat pump is sized correctly. When you hire Contemporary Air Systems to do the job, you can count on your heat pump installation being done right. We guarantee it by meeting with you after the installation verifying the job is done to Contemporary Air Systems standards and you are completely happy. We care! Call us at (410) 391-3070 and let’s get started.