Oil Furnace Replacement

Issues with Your Oil Furnace?

When you hope it doesn’t happen…it does. You go to adjust your thermostat to a toasty 82 degrees on a brutally cold day and nothing happens! You immediately place a call for oil furnace repair. With the arrival of your heating technician you get the bad news…..your dinosaur oil furnace has failed and must be replaced.

Oil furnace replacement in Baltimore County, Harford County and Baltimore City is another service Contemporary Air Systems offers. Just because we don’t sell and deliver oil doesn’t mean we don’t know oil heat. We know oil heat, gas heat and electric heat! Oil heat can’t be beat on a frigid cold day. An oil furnace provides more heat per BTU than other heating sources such as a gas furnace or heat pump. Oil heat does have its drawbacks. Oil furnaces require an on-site storage tank, oil must be delivered, oil furnaces require regular maintenance and cleanings due to dirt and soot buildup, chimneys must be cleaned and the oil filters changed frequently. In addition, oil heat will produce dry air. Adding a humidifier to an oil heat furnace will add moisture to the dry hot air that is generated by an oil furnace.

An oil furnace

Let Contemporary Air Systems help you make your oil furnace purchase stress free. We will explain the different oil furnace brands, BTUH’s, efficiencies, venting and how an oil furnace works with an air conditioning system.

Don’t have the money for a new oil furnace? No problem. We have financing available. Contact Us today for oil furnace options, financing choices, and an appointment at your convenience.

Did you know?

A puffback is an explosion inside the burner chamber of an oil furnace. Puffbacks will send soot and smoke throughout the house. A puffback can have many causes but can almost always be traced to a lack of maintenance and cleaning. All heating systems, especially the oil-fired, should be inspected, cleaned and adjusted at least once a year by a qualified heating professional.