Gas Furnace Replacement

Replacing Your Gas Furnace?

80 percent (AFUE) or 90 plus percent (AFUE) efficiency? So many choices! Do you need to replace your gas furnace? Perhaps you are installing a new gas heating system for the first time and need ductwork installed too? Let our comfort advisor and owner, Rick Fravel, provide you with the resources and knowledge to make the process easy. He has over 30 years experience in the HVAC industry repairing and installing heating and air conditioning equipment. Doesn’t it make sense to deal with a comfort advisor who has worked “in” the HVAC business rather than behind a desk? He will evaluate the size of your house, its age and current venting system to help determine the best and most cost-effective way to heat it. Rick will also go over Bryant equipment and how it compares to other brands. He will also explain BGE rebates, Bryant rebates, and financing options.

Let Contemporary Air Systems and Bryant solve your heating problems. Together, we will do whatever it takes to deliver comfort. Contact Us today and experience customer service that is above and beyond most companies.

Tech replacing a gas furnace

Did you know?

90 plus percent (AFUE) efficient gas furnaces are condensing gas furnaces. Traditional furnaces are built with one heat exchanger. Condensing gas furnaces have two heat exchangers allowing them to make more use of the energy that they consume and thus significantly reducing their operating costs. In addition, 90 plus percent (AFUE) efficient gas furnaces are vented with PVC.